Valley Life Church Sermon Archives

Valley Life Church normally goes through books of the Bible in a verse-by-verse fashion.
You can listen to the present sermon series or hear the completed series from the past.
There are also messages that are not part of a series as well as some guest speakers.

Click on the icon below to link to the sermon page. We also have videos of more recent sermons available here.


Mark First John
Mark Church Planting
Mark Parenting
Mark Origins

Mark Know Christ
Mark "I AM"
Mark Who Am I?
Mark What, Exactly...?

Mark 1st Timothy
Recent series
Mark Book of Mark
Sermon Series
Marriage Marriage for Life Sermon Series
non-series Sermons that were not part of a series

James The Book of Hebrews Sermon Series
James The Book of James Sermon Series
Acts The Book of Acts Sermon Series
JohnThe Book of John Sermon Series

Habakkuk The Book of Habakkuk Sermon Series
Jonah The Book of Jonah Sermon Series
Romans The Book of Romans Sermon Series
Advent Between Two Advents

Guest Speakers
Guest Speakers at Valley Life