Why Church Planting?

Valley Life Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to plant church-planting churches. In June of 2017 we sent out a church planter and his family to La Grande, OR to plant a church-planting church. Hear Tanner Sheahan tell the story of his call to plant a church. In addition, listen to Pastor Patrick Bowler answer the question, "Why church planting? And finally, witness the sending/commissioning service. We hope you find this series informative as well as encouraging!


God's Sovereign Hand in the Movement | 1 Sam. 3:1, 1 & 2 Kings (Various)

Pastor Tanner Sheahan • 6/4/17videoaudio

Why Church Planting? | Various Scriptures

Pastor Patrick Bowler • 6/11/17videoaudio

A Sending Service for the Sheahan & Gerig Families | Various Scriptures

Pastor Patrick Bowler • 6/11/17video