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Are you a member of VLC?  If not, are you willing to sign up for the next series of Gospel Classes?:

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What position and age group are you interested in?:

What other ministries do you participate in?:

Please describe your previous experience working with children:

Are you CPR Certified?:

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Have you ever been convicted of or pled guilty to a crime? If yes, please explain.

Have you ever been convicted, arrested, or accused of molestation or inappropriate behavior with or around children? If yes, please explain.

Valley Life Church will run a background check on all Children’s Ministry Applicants. Do you have any reason to believe that a background check would disclose any information that would suggest that you should not serve in Children’s Ministries?

Please provide two references for us to contact. One should be a member of the congregation who knows you well.

Reference #1 - Name/Address/Phone Number

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By submitting this form, I agree that:

I understand that working in Children’s Ministry means being a good example for children through regular church attendance and by representing Christ in all areas of my life.

I understand that my time commitment is one year.

I give permission for Valley Life Church to run a background check on me.